15. Juni 2008

Torrey, UT - Moab, UT - Rangely, CO - Grand Lake, CO

Day 6:
Headed back to Bryce Canyon, found it simply stunning, had to get back on the road, drove through Grand Staircase Escalante with lots of amazing views, could finally take a pic of a lizard when the weather got a little colder. Found a nice little motel in Torrey.

Day 7:
Woke up to a sunshiney day.Drove through Capitol Reef National Park, pretended to be part of a Winnetou movie, took a nice hike, rested in the sun:Drove all the way to Moab, saw a cowboy at work, took a crappy picture while passing him.Were amazed by all the space we had just to ourselves, enjoyed being all alone.Arrived in Moab, took a stroll along Main St., had dinner at a nice restaurant.

Day 8:
Visited Arches National Park, took a hike in the Devils Garden Area, got all sweatty cause it was so hot.Saw some more of the most amazing arches ever on our way back, were too exhausted to take another hike to see the Delicate Arch up close (all my fault... I admit it!!!).
Drove to Grand Jct. to look for a hotel, didn't find one because of graduation week, had to drive for a long time, finally found a hotel in Rangely when I was already really scared to run over a deer or some other animal in the dark.

Day 9:
Drove to Rocky Mountain National Park, talked to a park ranger and found out that the road through the park was closed due to snow, would have to go all around the park and therefore loose a day, decided to spend the night in Grand Junction, could only take a really small hike because of the snow (which you can't even see in this picture but it was there - I swear!).Found a nice hotel, got comfy, noticed that it started snowing (not included in our plans!).

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Those are some stunning pictures! Beautiful. Glad you are enjoying your trip. I've never been to any of those places. It's on my list though!