30. Juni 2008

A little red!

Look at all the goodies I scored at Charlotta's! Actually the picture does not show all I bought and there was also a lot more I would have wanted! I could say I restricted myself because I'm a good girl but the truth is, it was so crowded that day that I FORGOT some of the things I wanted since I wanted to rush it. Umh, good thing is Johanna wants to go to Charlotta's soon and I'll definitely accompany here. Oh wait! That could be the bad thing as well...No, it's not! I do NEED some robot fabric and some Michael Miller fabric too. Not to mention some more ribbon! Everybody NEEDS ribbon, right?

And guess what! I'm not only buying fabric... No, I'm also making stuff with it! Yes, it's true. I've been crafting. Unfortunately I can't show it to you yet because it's for the fabric button swap on little red caboose. I mailed my little package off today and will show you the contents as soon as my partner received them.

8 Kommentare:

Susanne hat gesagt…

Oh, ich könnte mich da auch immer arm kaufen! Und wenn ich nach Hause komme, fehlt doch noch was. Aber dafür habe ich immer einen Grund wieder hinzufahren ;-).

Ich konnte nun lange nicht mehr mitlesen, aber wollte dir noch sagen, wie sehr ich deinen Reisebericht und die vielen wirklich wundervollen Bilder genossen habe!!

Liebe Grüße nun aus einer anderen Ecke in HH!

prettywithribbons hat gesagt…

Die sind wunderbar!!

Ketutar hat gesagt…

Very pretty ribbon... I can understand that everyone NEEDS plenty of all those ribbons.
I love the robot ribbon. I don't know what I'd do with it, but it's really something :-)

Anonym hat gesagt…


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