21. Juli 2007

Getting yourself something nice!

Before I started my own blog in the end of May I was already out there discovering the blogosphere and that's when I also found out about those fantastic MOO MiniCards. I fell in love with them right away and had to get some at once. Since I didn't have 100 pictures of things I hade made by then I chose some of my other favorite pictures. So now I have a variety of very differnt cards and one of them fits any occasion.
Now here are the big news for me: Yesterday I discovered Julie's wonderful blog Little Cotton Rabbits and the first thing I saw there was the MOO StickerBook. Julie posted her brand new sticker book with the most stunning pictures of all times and I, again, am in love. By now I already have ordered my first set and I think there will be many more to come. Also I spent some time on Julies great blog. She makes the most adorable knitted toys and cakes… I think I'll head over there now and spend some more time!

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