29. Juli 2007

Nice piles!

No sewing this weekend, instead some fabric folding. Yesterday I found the happy zombie - a very cool blog. (Why didn't I see it before? Maybe I'm not spending enough time on the inernet? - No, that can't be it!) Anyway, I found a great tutorial for folding fabric there and I had to start folding right away. It's so much fun and those little piles of folded fabric look so neat. There is still a lot of work ahead of me: once I'll be done folding I want to sort the fabric by color and after that will come the hardest part - I've got to find a place where I can stash it. Until now all my fabric was in two big metal Ikea boxes and looking for something in them always meant a big mess. I don't want that no more. Here's the start. Once I'm finished I'll take more pictures.
Look what I got! First a letter from Sweden, from my dear friend who's visiting her parents for almost four long weeks! (Johanna, it's time to come home now!) A Swedish copy-book with Maja on the cover (I just found out she's called Nicky in America?), Norwegian Tilda Paper Craft Stickers and some cute K & Company brads.
And then even another gift from the sister of Johanna. Liberty fabric! Thank you Sofia. It's gorgeous!

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