5. Juli 2007

Hourglass Pillow!

When I was sewing the skirt yesterday, I messed up while cutting the fabric. I didn't realize at first that it wasn't pure cotton but also partly synthetic, which made it a bit elastic. Therefore the direction to put on the pattern mattered. Of course I had already cut out one piece before I noticed that. It's really stupid, because if I hadn't made this mistake I would have probably been able to make two skirts out of the fabric, but since I had already thought about making a pillow with the berry fabric I decided to use that piece for that and will still have some left for other small projects.
I used the Amy Butler pattern for an hourglass pillow which can be downloaded here. It's a great pattern but I think that the instructions are a bit detailed. The pillow is so easy to make and the instruction scare you of at first - at least that's what they did to me. Anyway, I like how the pillow looks and I got to make fabric covered buttons, something I wanted to do for a long time.

Next up: the kerchiefs I've be planning to do now for quite a while and another skirt...

Did you notice? I can add a link - and a nice one, too! (Okay, alright, everybody can do that.)

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