23. Juli 2007

New bag... for me!

I saw a bag similar to this in Linen & Cotton vol. 2 (ISBN 4529042618), one of my favorite Japanese magazines. There is obviously nothing complicated or even special to the pattern, but that was exactly what appealed to me. I decided to use some of my precious Lecien fabric (that's not so easy to get around here!) and added a fabric flower (the instructions for it are also in that Linen & Cotton issue).I made this bag a couple of weeks ago and when it was finished I found it a bit too small. I usually would have wanted to be able to put in a folder and a couple of books. So for a while I put it in my closet. But now my last term at the university is over and for a while I won't have to carry around folders and books, so I got it back out and now it's my brand new summer bag!

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