15. Juli 2007

Now or never!

Yesterday I made a skirt for myself. I know I said that there wouldn't be any sewing that week, but then all of a sudden it got so hot here. After weeks of rain they promised us three days of summer and I thought if I don't sew myself a skirt right now, it will not happen this year at all. The pattern I used is the same as usual, eventhough I bought this great Japanese magazine that has 27 beautiful skirt patterns in it and I would have loved to make one of those. I simply thought that it should be something quick and easy. Probably most of the skirts in the magazine are quick and easy… for someone who has a bit more experience with sewing clothes. I find the instructions in the Japanese magazines usually really good to understand, but with the skirts I will need some time to figure it out...
Anyway, eventhough I didn't choose a pattern from the magazine I still added some handsewn detail to my skirt after getting inspired by this picture (can you actually see it?):
Edited to upload a bigger picture of the magazine page.
Edited yet again... and still no better view of the picture!

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Anonym hat gesagt…

I can barely see the stitching in the magazine photo, but your skirt looks lovely! Such perfect little stitches!