3. Juli 2007

Lucky me!

Look, what I got! A couple of weeks ago I got this beautiful fabric from the sister of my friend. She bought it on a trip to Berlin. It's a real big piece and I think I can make a lot of things out of it. It has a very nice and soft texture and at the moment I'm thinking that pillow cases would look extremely good. And so would probably skirts!

But guess what! That ain't all. Last Saturday I got another beautiful piece of fabric from her. It's a vintage Liberty print! I am still very exited about that, because I had seen so many nice Liberty fabrics on other blogs and was a little jealous. When I finally found some at the KaDeWe in Berlin I wanted to buy loads of it... until I saw the prices. And now I got this! It is jersey fabric and I will have to go and look for a nice pattern for a top. I already have something in mind and I hope I'll find something that matches my idea. Until now I have not made anything from jersey and I sure hope me and my sewing machine will be able to work with it. Otherwise it's just one more reason to finally get a serger. (I want one badly anway!)

Thank you so much, Sofia! You are wonderful!

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Anonym hat gesagt…

YOU are the truely wonderful one!
I own so many beautiful things made by you and they all make me so happy. I don't know anybody who has such a good eye for beautiful things and knows what fits with what. Everything is made with so much love and attention for detail.
And on top you are such a great person!

Lots of love,