8. Juli 2007

Lots of stuff!

What's that? I couldn't tell by the picture myself... It's a kerchief! I finally gave it another try and it looks just like the one my friend bought so I'm pretty sure it will fit the little girl. We will see that for sure on Tuesday though. Oh well, I'm a bit exited and must definately try to take nice pictures then. Below is a picture with the very same girl wearing my birdy shirt. I had to take the picture inside and didn't want to use a flash. Also the little girl was very busy sorting some cards. The result? Could have been better, but she still looks extremely cute, doesn't she?
The kerchief will match this shirt and now that I have a pattern of my own I will make some more pretty soon. If you look closely (on the first picture that is) you can see that I added two darts to the sides, which give the triangle a better shape.

This weekend I've been really busy. Apart from the kerchief I made three more skirts. One more for my mom, one for my friend and then another one, which will be a present for someone special. (Oh, I hope she likes it!) Mine will follow some day... I can't show pictures yet because I didn't have a model.
The next couple of days I will probably not be able to sew because there are so many other things to do, but we'll see if I manage to squeeze in some time anyway!

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