25. Juli 2007

Not so great!

This morning I found my fabric unoccupied and got started on my top. I had bought this Simplicity pattern after I had seen it here. I'm not really a skirt person and unfortunately I'm definately not a dress person, but I liked the pattern for the top and the possibility to choose different styles for the sleeves.

Except for a little trouble with the elastic everything went quite smoothly. Trying this top on was much nicer than the last time. You could say that it fits in general. There are parts of it that I really like (the part you can see above) and there are parts that I'm not so happy with (the fitting around my waist and hip). I think for a while I'm through with sewing clothes for myself... (except for maybe another skirt or two).
Making bags, pillow cases, a.s.o. or sewing clothes for other people is so much more rewarding for me right now and leaves me feeling way more satisfied.

Still: Maybe someone can recommend a good book on how to adjust patterns to personal needs? I feel a little helpless here... Going on a diet would probably do, too. Argh!

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Bin soeben auf deiner Seite gelandet und muss sagen: TOLL!!!!!!!!
Ich habe überhaupt kein handwerkliches Geschick und bewundere jeden, der so schöne Sachen machen kann wie du! Solch ein Talent ist ein Geschenk und du solltest auf jeden Fall weitermachen, auch wenn es nicht auf Anhieb klappt (wie bei den Oberteilen für dich)!Die nächsten Teile sitzen bestimmt schon besser!!!